Johan Ebersbane

Human Paladin


Human Paladin
6’2” tall
205 lbs
Mid length brown hair
Brown eyes
Equipment – Greatsword, chainmail, holy symbol of Ulaa (a mountain with a heart inside it), blue travel cloak


Born to a modest family, Johan’s father was a stone-cutter and a man of little learning. He did however, instill a “never give up” work ethic in young Johan. Johan had intended on following in his father’s footsteps and learn to work the stone as skillfully as his father. His father however had other plans for Johan and when he was just 15, Johan was sent to study at a monastery 100s of miles from their village. Johan objected, but to no avail. He found himself under the tutelage of first, an order of priests, exposing him to the teachings of Ulaa, the goddess of the hills and mountains. With a mantra of life and war, it was something that really appealed to young Johan – the ability to not only give life, but to take it away.

After 5 years studying with the priests, an order of knights was passing through the monastery. Johan later found out there were called “paladins” – a holy bunch who harnessed their divine powers to smite their foes and unleash their brand of justice on whomever they thought was in need of it. After much pleading with the head master of the monastery, Johan was allowed to accompany the paladins west as they journeyed to the big city to pay homage to Ulaa and ask her blessing upon their mission.

During the 6 weeks Johan traveled with the band, he was taught basic swordplay – his brute strength gained from working at the stone mill throughout his youth lended itself nicely to the wielding of a massive great sword that he mastered quickly. The paladins imbued Johan with their same sense of justice and purpose – to seek out wrong doers and make right whatever wrong they committed.

While just a few days from the city, Johan and his companions were ambushed by an orc raiding party – catching the group off guard shortly after dinner. The group valiantly fought off the orcs who outnumbered the bunch 3 to 1. When it was done, orcs and humans lay together in a bloody mess. The only survivor being Johan himself. Angry and confused – he buried his companions and vowed vengeance would be served, no matter the cost, to all who deserved it. He took up the mantle of those who came before him and continued to walk. He would seek out the temple of Ulaa and try to make sense of what happened. Deep down inside however, a rage he never knew before began to take hold. He gripped the pommel of his greatsword until his knuckles were white and trudged purposely towards the big city…

Johan Ebersbane

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