The Long Road Home

Unlikely Heroes

So just shortly after finally repairing the ship the best we could with the makeshift sails we found, it wasn’t enough to stay our course and we found our ship flying out of control and headed to an unknown planet. Isabel, the captain, was clearly distressed and Allon, our navigator, was strapping himself in. Frug the wizard and I, Agathoz the Divine, followed suit and strapped ourselves in as well. The ship crash landed, decapitating our captain and breaking Allon’s leg. We gathered supplies and left Allon with enough food and water since we didn’t have the strength to carry him out ourselves, with the intention of returning to rescue him with help. I sent out my owl familiar to scout out the area and it saw approaching torches from the mountain to the southeast roughly 10 miles away, and a village about 20 miles to the northwest. Naturally we headed toward the village.

After a rather long hike, we arrived in the small village, a village we later found out was called Braevik. Immediately, we went to the inn for a hot meal and rented a room for the week. We talked to the bartender for some information and before our meal was finished, a paladin approached us, since we were clearly from out of town. Since we had such a long journey, we agreed to discuss it after some sleep. Once we were rested, we informed Johan the paladin of our situation and he let us know the he was sent from town to investigate some local ruins. Thinking it not wise to check out the ruins alone, we agreed to accompany the paladin through the ruins, and then he will then take us to town and to his king, so we can perhaps figure out what can be done with our ship. So we gather supplies and decide to go to the ruins in the morning.

Once we start into the ruins, the first thing we notice is a corpse almost completely gone, but not naturally. As we were checking out what used to be a body, we were attacked by a carrion crawler, which we defeated, finding some treasure in its gullet. As we continued further into the ruins, we begin to hear tapping noises echoing throughout the caves and see deep scratches along the walls. We delve further down one of the paths but not wanting to go too deep, head back and are cut off by a hook horror. It was a formidable opponent, but eventually we were able to wear it down. We decided to check out another path and sneaking in, discovered probably at least 30-40 more of the hook horrors, and since one was a significant challenge, we snuck right back out knowing we wouldn’t stand a chance with just the three of us. One of the hook horrors wandered out and attacked us while we were trying to figure out what to do next, and we took care of this one as well. On our way out we grabbed some decorative urns and then came face to face with an undead creature. The paladin was paralyzed with fear and grasping my holy symbol, I turned the foul creature until Johan was released from the mummy’s paralyzing effect, only then were we able to dispatch of it.

We headed back to the village to inform the mayor of our discovery and decided that the best option would be to try to collapse the tunnel leading out of the ruins to prevent the hook horrors from entering the village. With some persuasion, we were able to convince some of the miners to collapse the entrance to the ruins while we stood guard. As they were preparing for the collapse, we were attacked by one hook horror, and then another. Again, a very difficult fight, but we were able to prevail. Once the tunnel was collapsed, we headed back to the village confident that the ruins would no longer pose a threat.

Now that we did this favor for Johan, we requested that he assist us in rescuing Allon the navigator and investigating the ship wreckage. We made it back out to the ship uneventfully and found Allon alive. In the middle of lowering him down, we were attacked by an orc raiding party. Once we defeated them, we hurried out of there with Allon to prevent any further attacks.

Once we were back, and after a solid night of rest, the mayor asked another favor of us because one of their farmers had disappeared. We went to investigate and found that a sheep had been slaughtered and the farmer was nowhere to be seen. We spent two nights at a neighboring farm to ensure that he also would not be attacked, but two whole days and nights and nothing, so we headed back to the village. Once back, we were soon alerted by the village guards that there were orc raiding parties headed toward the village, something they rarely did for fear of retribution from the king. We prepared for a massive battle with the help of a few of the villagers, against not one but two orc raiding parties, an orc cleric, and a bigger orc who clearly was some sort a warrior leader. It was a difficult battle, but we prevailed. We’re resting tonight and will talk about where our next adventure may lie in the morning…



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